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5 Apple Products You Might Want to Skip

Image by 24/7 Wall St

Apple is a giant in the tech world, known for its innovative products and loyal customer base. However, constantly buying Apple products can be a costly habit. The latest iPhone 15 starts at RM 4,399, while an iMac starts at RM 6,299. Some tech experts believe that not all Apple products are worth the investment. Here are five Apple products you might want to reconsider before buying.

1. Vision Pro Headset

Image by Pocket-lint

Price: Starts at RM16,000

The Apple Vision Pro is a virtual reality headset that promises to enhance app organization, entertainment immersion, and media viewing. However, Tyler Hall, VP of technology at Empathy First Media, advises against buying it due to its steep price.

“At nearly $4,000, this product currently only serves as an entry product for developers to carve the VR platform before it’s worth taking the dive as a general consumer,” said Hall. “It’s not the last headset they’ll release, but it’s certainly not for the public at the moment. Best to wait for the next headset release before considering such a niche product.”

Common complaints include bugginess, low battery life, and discomfort during extended use.


2. AirPods

Image by Apple 

Price: Starts at RM829

AirPods are popular among iPhone users, but not everyone is satisfied with their performance. Erin Lawrence, a tech reviewer at Tech Gadgets International, shared her frustrating experience with AirPods in a video review.

“From my own experience, I’ve had constant and ongoing problems with mine that are incredibly frustrating,” said Lawrence. “Mine have just stopped working. One pod will disconnect, requiring a factory reset to repair. I’ve also faced a crunching or staticky sound when used.”

Her video, with over 150,000 views, highlights similar issues faced by other users. Lawrence had to replace both pods out of warranty at her own expense.


3. Tech Accessories

Image by MacSales

Price: Varies

After spending a significant amount on a new iPhone, you might be tempted to buy Apple’s accessories. However, Tyler Hall suggests looking elsewhere.

“Apple is known for over-priced accessories,” said Hall. “A notable example is the ‘Apple Mac Pro Wheels Kit’ priced at $699.99.” (around RM4,233)

High-quality alternatives from brands like Anker, OtterBox, or Spigen can provide similar functionality at a fraction of the cost.


4. Tech Cases

Image by Apple 

Price: Varies

While buying a new Apple device, you might consider purchasing a case immediately. Sam Devia of eRepair advises against it.

“In my opinion, the silicon and fine woven cases Apple sells are not worth it. For an absurd $50-$60, they offer little to no protection from fall damage, and wear pretty easily,” said Devia.

The latest iPhone case price starts at RM239. Instead, opt for third-party cases that offer better protection for less money.


5. Any Model With Low Storage

Image Apple Community 

 by Price: Varies

Choosing a model with the lowest storage capacity might seem like a way to save money, but Tyler Hall recommends investing in more storage.

“As the data we consume and store grows in size, that baseline storage can become insufficient and fill fairly quickly,” said Hall. 

“If you can invest in storage upgrades initially, we recommend you buy those instead of the baseline devices because Apple products can’t be upgraded like PCs or Android phones. The reality is once you run out of space on your devices, you have only two options: (1) buy cloud storage or (2) upgrade the entire device.”

Investing in more storage upfront can save you money in the long run.


By considering these expert insights, you can make more informed decisions and potentially save money on your next Apple purchase.

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