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KEPPO, Bringing Excitement to Life!

KEPPO.MY is a Malaysian website published in 2016 by curious, creative and food-passionate minds who love to explore unbeknownst flavours from different cultures and share them with the world! Being active on Social Media, we make delectable cuisines easily reachable via Free Voucher Downloads, Viral Post Sharing, F&B Directory and Promotion Vouchers that are redeemable using earned cash and candies. Besides, we also bring you exciting Top News, Beauty Tips and Movie Trailers! Using our Hybrid Marketing Technology, countless businesses have successfully gained the exposure and popularity they deserve! Vision, Mission and Values? To be the most surfed lifestyle site dedicated to offering you the most extensive range of viral news and entertainment pieces as well as information on mouth-watering foodies and beauty stores near you.

Stay tuned! We are looking to launch more exciting features real SOON!

KEPPO.MY - We KEPPO Everything

What is KEPPO.MY?

K = Knowing
E = Every
P = People
P = Particular
O = Object
MY = Malaysia

It’s also an Indonesian slang originating from the Chinese Hokkien dialect commonly used by certain communities in Medan, Palembang, and Pekanbaru which in turn became a loanword in Singlish (Singaporean-English) meaning an individual who is overly curious and wants to know about everything.

That is why we have the inside scoop on every nook and cranny! And we mean it. ALL OF THEM!

Latest Posts


Image by stanleysc_ (on Instagram) Hong Kong’s entertainment scene lit up with excitement as popular Cantopop stars Stanley Yau shared his thrilling experience of...

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Hong Kong veteran actor Kent Cheng celebrated his 73rd birthday on May 22, surrounded by his former co-stars and close friends. Cheng, who has...

Tech News

Image by 24/7 Wall St Apple is a giant in the tech world, known for its innovative products and loyal customer base. However, constantly...

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TVB actress Samantha Ko has had a remarkable year, highlighted by her standout role in the drama series The Queen Of News. Her portrayal...


Image by Mark your calendars! The sensational Japanese  girl group XG is set to light up the Mega Star Arena on August 7...

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