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iOS 17 Feature: 9 Hidden Features You Might Not Know

Image by Apple

Apple’s iOS 17 has taken the smartphone world by storm, with its major features grabbing the headlines. However, beneath the surface, there are numerous hidden treasures waiting to be explored. In this article, we’ll skip the major features that everyone is talking about, and dive into the lesser-known, yet incredibly useful features of iOS 17 that can enhance your iPhone experience.


Compatible Devices with iOS 17

Image by Keppo

Camera Enhancements 

Image by MacRumors

A leveling feature helps ensure your shots are perfectly aligned, while the ability to lock white balance in video recording prevents unwanted color shifts. These tweaks can elevate your photography and videography game. If you don’t have Grid mode enabled before upgrading, this level line looks to be off by default, but if you currently use Grid mode, it is enabled by default. You can turn it on in the Camera section of the Settings app.


Simplified Cropping 

Image by MacRumors

In the Photos app, cropping images is now more intuitive. A simple drag-to-zoom gesture reveals a crop button, allowing you to instantly frame your image. Fine-tune your edits easily with this user-friendly addition.


Lock Screen Customization 

Image by Nerds Chalk

Personalize your iPhone’s lock screen with iOS 17. When you select a desired font, you should see a slider below the font row to modify its weight. You can adjust the font weight of clock digits, giving your device a unique touch. 


Multiple Timers 

Image by iMore

Manage your time effectively with the ability to run multiple timers simultaneously. A long-awaited feature, this makes multitasking and time management a breeze.


Shake to Undo 

Correcting home screen icon mishaps is now simpler. Just shake your iPhone to trigger the undo option, saving you from rearrangement errors.


Camera Visual Lookup 

Image by apple insider

Get instant information with visual lookup. Take a photo or a video of laundry symbols, car warning lights, or even food, and iOS 17 will provide explanations, making everyday tasks more manageable. With this, you can easily look up recipes for your favorite foods and also be informed about your car warning lights using only a photo or video of them. 


Safari Improvements 

Safari receives a boost in privacy with advanced tracking and fingerprint protection settings. Additionally, you can now have web pages read aloud, making it easier to consume content. New widgets for your reading list are also available.


Passcode Flexibility 

Change your iPhone’s passcode with confidence. iOS 17 introduces a “forgot passcode” option after three days, allowing you to revert to the previous code if needed.


Enhanced Markup Tools 

Dive into creative markup with new pen options. iOS 17 introduces a variety of pens, including a fountain pen and a watercolor-like tool, offering more ways to express your ideas.


iOS 17 may have introduced major features, but its hidden gems are what truly make it shine. Explore these lesser-known features to make the most of your iPhone experience. iOS 17 is a game-changer.


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