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Jestinna Kuan and Joey Leong Join TVB Drama Cast

jestinna photos
jestinna photos

Last July, Hong Kong actors Him Law, Charmaine Sheh, and Raymond Lam, among others, were in Malaysia to film the TVB drama “The Heir To The Throne.” The series, shot primarily around Kuala Lumpur, prominently features several Malaysian talents.

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One of them is singer Jestinna Kuan, who expressed her gratitude on Instagram on May 14 for the chance to work with such renowned Hong Kong stars. “Seeing many familiar TVB actors whom I grew up watching felt surreal. They all seem to defy aging, looking just like they did 10 years ago. So impressive,” she wrote, sharing behind-the-scenes clips and photos, including a selfie with Lam.

Actress Joey Leong, who plays Sheh’s assistant in the show, shared that while her screen time was limited, she gained valuable experience. “I got to witness the charisma and acting skills of my idols firsthand. They have a very gentle side off camera,” the 29-year-old wrote on Instagram.

Local actress Feon Lai is set to appear in the fifth episode of “The Heir To The Throne.” She recently shared a selfie with Sheh on social media, praising the 48-year-old for her kindness and attentiveness on set. “She is really thoughtful and a huge foodie. She even asked me about the tastiest prawn noodles in the area,” Lai added.

Actress Ruby Yap also confirmed on Instagram that she will appear in the show from episode 10 onwards. Sharing selfies with Sheh, Lam, Law, and singer-actress Toby Leung, she noted, “Everyone was really approachable. I also got to see their professionalism. I’m grateful for this collaboration opportunity and hope to meet again someday.”

In an interview with China Press, Yap recounted her most unforgettable experience on set. “On the first day of filming, my scene partners were Raymond Lam and Hugo Ng. I don’t know why, but as soon as filming began, I felt so nervous that my whole body tensed up, and my heart started racing,” she shared, noting it had been a long time since she felt such nerves.

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