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Roger Kwok Spills on Divorce from Ex-TVB Star Cindy Au

Hong Kong actor Roger Kwok recently made his first public appearance since announcing his divorce from former TVB actress Cindy Au on May 2. In an interview with Hong Kong media, Kwok shared insights into their relationship post-divorce, emphasizing that they will remain friends despite ending their 18-year marriage.


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“Our understanding of life has changed, but I’ll always give love. Regardless of the changes in our living arrangements, I believe our relationship will deepen over time. She’s still the mother of our children,” said the 59-year-old actor. Kwok also revealed that their two children are currently living with him.

Known for his role in “Big White Duel,” Kwok had previously mentioned that he considered divorce after frequent arguments with Au, 44, about parenting styles. “Our two children were aware of the divorce from the beginning. They are very intelligent, and I’m grateful they understand our family situation,” he shared.

When asked if Au’s pursuit of further education contributed to the divorce, Kwok said it’s hard to pinpoint a single reason. He also dismissed rumors of a dispute over alimony, stating, “We communicate about everything, so there’s no need for everyone to worry.”

Regarding efforts to save their marriage, Kwok was reserved, saying, “It’s difficult to discuss as it’s such a private matter for both of us. It’s been a while, and it’s hard to talk about it again.”

Kwok and Au, who married in 2006 after a seven-year relationship, share a 16-year-old son, Brad, and a 12-year-old daughter, Blair. Despite their separation, Kwok’s comments reflect a commitment to maintaining a supportive and loving environment for their children.

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