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Top 10 Countries with the Lowest Crime Rates

When it comes to choosing a destination for travel or even relocation, safety is paramount. We all want to venture into places where we can breathe easy, knowing that our well-being is secure. Understanding the crime landscape of a nation is pivotal in making informed decisions. Here, we delve into some of the world’s safest countries, where crime rates are remarkably low, ensuring  peace of mind for residents and visitors alike.



Image by Visit Qatar

Topping our list is Qatar, boasting the lowest crime rate globally. This Gulf nation has curated a safe haven, meticulously ensuring the security of its populace. With minimal criminal activities recorded, Qatar stands as a beacon of effective crime prevention strategies.



Image by Switzerland Tour

Switzerland, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, also earns accolades for its exceptional safety standards. Theft, vandalism, and violence are rare occurrences in this serene land, making it an ideal destination for travelers seeking solace in a stable society.


United Arab Emirates

Image by holidify

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), stringent laws and vigilant security measures uphold a remarkably low crime rate. Proactive policing and a visible presence of law enforcement contribute to the overall sense of security across the country.



Image by Expedia

Taiwan emerges as a safe haven, with remarkably low rates of violent crime and theft. Despite not boasting high wages, Taiwan maintains its allure as a desirable destination due to its minimal petty crime rates.


Hong Kong

Image by Lonely Planet

Cultural norms and robust governmental measures ensure that Hong Kong remains one of the safest places on earth. With a low crime rate attributed to social conformism and strict law enforcement, personal safety is prioritized in this vibrant region.



Image by National Geographic 

Estonia shines as one of Europe’s safest countries, thanks to its stringent laws and active police force. Low firearm ownership and effective regulations contribute to its enviable crime statistics.



Image by Britannica

Iceland’s strong social cohesion and high standard of living create an environment where violent crime and property offenses are rare. Its serene landscapes match the tranquility of its low crime rates.



Image by Trafalgar

Denmark’s proactive approach to crime prevention, coupled with strong social cohesion, fosters a safe and secure environment. Cooperation between various societal entities ensures that Denmark maintains its reputation for safety.



Image by Yardbarker

Luxembourg, with its high standard of living, offers a haven of safety with minimal threats to personal security. The rarity of violent crimes and theft underscores the country’s commitment to safety.



Image by Britannica

Singapore’s strict laws and extensive surveillance networks contribute to its low crime rates. With stringent penalties for offenders, the city-state prioritizes safety and security for its residents.


In a world where safety is paramount, these countries stand out as beacons of security, offering peace of mind to those within their borders. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil vacation spot or considering a new place to call home, these nations promise safety and serenity amidst an uncertain world.


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