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TVB’s Samantha Ko Opens Up About Health Scare


TVB actress Samantha Ko has had a remarkable year, highlighted by her standout role in the drama series The Queen Of News. Her portrayal of a news anchor earned her the Best Supporting Actress award at TVB’s annual awards show, her first accolade after 15 years in the industry.

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However, the 37-year-old’s demanding filming schedule and promotional activities have taken a toll on her health. Last month, Ko was hospitalized after discovering lumps on her neck and head.

“I had just finished filming an episode for Memories Beyond Horizon and was on a flight when I felt a large lump on my neck. It was hard and quite alarming,” she told Hong Kong media. “I then felt two more large, hard bumps on my head. It hurt when I pressed on them.”

Ko quickly sought medical advice and, fortunately, was informed that the condition was not serious. However, she did not disclose the exact cause of the lumps.

“The doctor is monitoring it, and while the lumps are still there, I’m feeling much better. The doctor advised me to rest more,” Ko shared.

Due to the stress from her current health scare, Ko’s alopecia condition has also flared up. She previously experienced this hair loss condition in 2011 and 2017.

“Recently, I’m experiencing the same symptoms again. I know it’s because of stress,” she said, adding that she has taken a few days off from filming to focus on her health.

Ko acknowledged the need to manage her stress better to avoid compromising her health in the future. “I tend to push myself to the limit, which causes a lot of pressure and stress. I need to learn how to adjust my mentality and relax more,” she admitted.

In March, Ko was in Penang with fellow Hong Kong celebrities such as Charlene Choi, Gillian Chung, and Joey Yung to film the second season of Girls’ Spectacular Journey.

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